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Mr. Roger's, It's a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Page.

For the not faint of heart, the Good News.  click here. Don't hold it against me if you do not agree.

Want to do something new? Take public transportation somewhere. I took the bus across town awhile back and it was neat. I had to take it down town to the transit center to get the other bus to where I was going. We try and go somewhere every week on public transportation usually to San Francisco. 

I just cleaned out our fish pond, Yuck what a job. It has been about two years since the last clean out and they were pretty crowded with all the junk on the bottom. I pulled out all the old piping and sand filter I got from a swimming pool, because it was such a mess to keep up. I got a cheap pump from the hardware store and less than a month it let go seeping oil in the pond. I got it flushed out and saved the fish, but what a mess. I finally went by the pond store and got a regular pond pump for $160.00 and it is guaranteed for 3 years. I made a gravity filter and it works perfect with a good flow and the pond is clear as a bell.

My advice from experience after a dozen or more pumps over the years is to get a good one like this designed for fish ponds that will not clog or leak oil.   I have a good design for a filter too.

USS Pampanito

  • Live from Space Discovery NASA May not work now that the space shuttle has been retired.
  • Some One asked about the old Submarines I was qualified on. There is one at Fisherman's Wharf called the USS Pampanito. Here is the link to explain it in detail.
  • Moo Mixer
  •  I have a new hobby called GEO Caching. People including myself, hide little notes and things in secrete places all over. All you need is a GPS locater, any kind will do if you are clever and understand the clues. Most new cell phones have them built in now too. It is a challenge and can be done on the way to where ever you are going.
  • Colon Cancer; get checked right away. Call and make an appointment with your doctor tomorrow it will save your life and it is no problem. I have had two or more polyps removed every time I have had it done so I am a believer. Don't put it off!
  • Brest Cancer is so common today that it is overlooked much of the time. Check for signs often and the slightest change or feeling of something different is cause to make an appointment without delay. Age means nothing today as younger and younger women are finding that it does not consider age. My daughter's tumor showed up with in 6 months of her last exam.  
  • New: I have a new Web Site; it is for finding links to companies to purchase items on the internet. Help me and use these links and if one is missing let me know.
  • New Book I recommend; How the Scots Invented the Modern World
  • New books I have read lately that may be of interest are; The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene, be sure to get the video that supports it. It is all about super strings and quantum physics in an understandable format and it does not argue against creationism. The other ones are Book on Tape; I'm a Stranger Here Myself, by Bill Bryson. We couldn't wait to hear all of it as we traveled and would sit in the driveway it was so interesting. The other one was; Boogers are my Beat, by Dave Barry and is about a bunch of mishaps in our society and government. Both are a good read and decent. 
    Then I got another book on tape and it is real interesting; The Maigret Collection, by George Simenon. These are mysteries from the BBC.
    Books on tape are a neat way to get your reading done while traveling. I use the public library for my reading now, because it saves a lot of money and it is convenient. I order then on the internet and just stop by when they are ready. If they do not have a book I want I just order it and they let me know when it comes in. When I requested the DiVinci Code I was 85 on the list and it took a month, but I didn't waist my money on a book I would never read again. While I was waiting on the list I would go to Boarders and read it off the rack. I only had it half read when the book came available and as a bonus I got the book on tape too.
    The next best way to read is to borrow, I have been reading a friends book; Sermons by B. H. Carroll. I would like to own a copy, but it is out of print.
    Hope this encourages you to take more interest in reading. It is the best way to stay young, informed and to maintain a proper balance with a sense of humor.
    Dave... 3/04
  • Alternate when off line
  • Under Interests check out the KIDS ONLY site.
  • The Old Mill,
  • Checkout my Oakland High School Website.1954 was a good year. See Bonnie's website too. Our Reunion is was this year and it was good to see everyone again.
  • See classmates.
  • Half Dome is nice this time of year, take a look. Half Dome 
  • Update: Books I have read:
  • Books read in 2000:  in: 2001 
  •  Page 2: 12/21/03      Page 3: 5/21/04
    Some have asked how I can read so many books; I speed read, and I get them from the library. If it is not available I ask them to order it and they do. Use our link to do the same. While I wait, I read them at Boarder's with a cup of java at the coffee shop.
  • eHOW
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Zola Levitt
  • Cliffs Notes on line
  • wackyuses
  • See Nuts and Bolts under Library
  • New Book on line, The Church That Jesus Built

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. -- Socrates  Humor: 


The Best Exercise is Free: Walking upstairs strengthens the heart, bones and knees Signs such as "Why WEIGHT for an elevator, take steps to save time and burn calories" are posted near elevators throughout the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Md., urging people to take the stairs instead. These little nudges are part of a popular new strategy in work site wellness programs across the country encouraging employees to incorporate readily available exercise into their everyday lives. Stairs are a bona fide exercise machine you don't have to go to the gym to use. The Harvard Alumni Health Study of more than 11,000 men found that those who took the stairs for at least 20 floors per week had about a 20 percent lower risk of stroke and of death from all causes during the study period. According to this Washington Post story, taking the stairs also fights bone loss by building bone density and works against knee pain by strengthening the muscles that support the knee. The National Cancer Institute offers suggestions on other daily activities which will make you more fit. And recent Health SCOUT stories spotlight adventure fitness and fast workouts as other hot exercise trends. -- Priscilla Tucker 

After falling 15 feet, when my ladder went out from under me, I am almost back to normal. Therapy and exercise made the recovery faster, but I still hurt through it all. My shoulder was killing me and the sessions only alived the pain, but did not fix it. I finally got an adjustment and with a big snap the pain went away. Now only my feet hurt. Be sure if you use a ladder that the feet are secured with non- slip legs. Mine fell off years ago and I paid the price.

Hay! I have been junking out my yard and storage after 35 years and have taken 21 truck loads away so far. The good news is I have lost 15 lbs. and two inches. The benefits of hard work, stooping, carrying, and stuffing. I have finished the garage, office, kitchen and patio. One room to go... I cleaned out our patio room and air-conditioned it and put our gym with the treadmill in there. 

UPDATE: The yard is almost filled up again and we haven't got on the tread mill in months. Best intentions...


Bible knowledge without repentance, will be but a torch to light men to hell."  THOMAS WATSON 

Life is something you do when you can't get to sleep. -- Fran Leibowitz 


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