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OptifloraTM Web Event & Conference Call
will leave you better educated.




 * Don't miss the Optiflora Web Event with accompanying slides at Shaklee.com
* Here Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Chris Jensen address the growing concerns of colon health care and examine the science behind Optiflora.
* Learn why Optiflora is the best 2-product system available
* Learn more about the exclusive technology developed for guaranteed delivery of microflora to the intestine.
* Participate in a "live"web-polling segment immediately following the 7:30 PM Eastern Time broadcast. (only available at 7:30 PM Eastern Time web event)
* Invite Everyone! Make sure your group and all potential Partnership Choices participate.

 It's going to be exciting, you won't want to miss it.
Web Event:

When: Monday, October 25, 1999 @ 7:30 PM Eastern Time; 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes.

Where: Go to the "Shaklee Web Event" page to learn more about how to participate in the web event http://www.Shaklee.com/business/meetings/webevent.html

If you are participating in the web event for the first time, see the instructions in the "How to Participate"section below. You will need to download the necessary free software and test it well in advance (at least 2 hours) of the broadcast, to ensure it works properly and your computer is ready to receive the broadcast

Conference Call:

You can also participate in the event via phone. The call begins at 7:30 PM in your time zone. Call (580) 431-8061 and enter passcode 811 when prompted. If circuits are busy, an alternate approach is to first use one of the many "dial-around" numbers (such as 10-10-237, 10-10-220, or 10-10-629) then dial 1 followed by the above access number and passcode. Call not more than 3-5 minutes prior to the start of the call. (Long distance charges will apply)
Speakers include:

Dr. Bruce Miller, DDS - author of the best-seller "The Nutrition Guarantee" and the certified nutrition specialist behind the renowned Better Health Series of nutritional education. After undergraduate studies in nutrition and biochemistry at the University of Texas, Dr. Miller received his doctorate with honors from the Baylor University College of Dentistry, and pursued his nutritional research as a postgraduate student at New York University's College of Dentistry.

Dr. Chris Jensen, PhD - Director of Health Sciences at Shaklee, Dr. Jensen received his PhD in Epidemiology from the School of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley. He also earned a Masters of Public Health (MPH) and Bachelor of Sciences degree, with high honors, from UC Berkeley. Dr. Jensen joined Shaklee in 1983 and has published ten research papers and sixteen scientific abstracts in such peer-reviewed journals as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the American Journal of Cardiology, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, and the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Cindy Latham - Director of Marketing for Shaklee Corporation

Ren Reynolds - Host for the call
How to Participate:

For information about this event go to the Shaklee Home Page and click on the "Web Event Banner". Then follow the instructions. If you have not already downloaded the free software application called RealPlayer, you'll need to do so before the event and test it to make sure it works properly. If you have downloaded previously, make sure you have the latest version of the software (RealPlayer G2). There are two ways to download Real Player. One is to click the icon on the Shaklee web site and the other is to download from the Yahoo Broadcast.com site and follow the directions. Test it well in advance of the event. If you experience any technical difficulties, you should e-mail webmaster@broadcast.com or check out the FAQ section at Yahoo Broadcast.com.
For Technical Support:

Go to the tech support sites at Yahoo Broadcast.com and Real.com; use the links at http://www.shaklee.com/business/meetings/webevent.html. Please do not contact Shaklee with technical problems. We have contracted personnel at cast.com to handle all technical support for this web event.

This is a wonderful opportunity to have new people learn more about Shaklee products and hear from people who are enjoying a great lifestyle with Shaklee.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you know that would benefit from experiencing this Web Event.


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