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July 25, 1997

There are nine churches that have been organized. Eight of them are as follows:
     1. Chamasowa Landmark Baptist Church. The pastor is Alec Chimala. He is our youngest pastor, but has a lot of potential and is teachable. He is attending the Seminar. The church is located 1 hour southeast from Blantyre within the tea estates at Thyolo (pronounced CHEE OLOW).

     2. Luchenza Landmark Baptist church is located 1 1/2 hours drive southeast from Blantyre. The pastor is Joseph Miyambo. He is our oldest pastor at 80 years old. He also is attending the seminar.

     3. Mulanje Landmark Baptist church, located 2 hours southeast from Blantyre, and is at the foot of Mulanje mountain. The pastor is Jackson Kopolo. He also occupies the position of a village headman. He is attending the seminar.

     4. Landmark Baptist Church located at Tomasi in Thyolo district. The pastor is Three Quarter Mkwanpa (Three Quarter is truly his first name!!!). He is attending the seminar. This church is located 1 1/2 hours southwest near Chikwawa.anje.

     We have completed 300 hours (six weeks) in the seminar, and have six more weeks to go. There is a lot of potential with these pastors. They all seem dedicated and they all understand that we do not have a physical ministry here. We are purchasing Bibles and Song Books by the case to sell at 1/2 price to the churches. All the pastors agree and think this is a good idea. After the seminar is completed there will be

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