Books I have read continued 2004 - 2008

I have been re-reading some old books and using books on tape. I continue to get them from the public library and reserve them on the internet so I don't have to look through the isles. I just park in front in the yellow zone and run in and they are waiting for me at the counter. I have a link on my site that has connections to most libraries in the USA.

  1. Let Freedom Ring;  How Bush is winning the war.

  2. Lies

  3. The Elegant Universe; Super strings.

  4. Boogers are my beat; Boring, but interesting of all the goofs of government and politicians.

  5. I'm a stranger here my self; Now this was a great read about an American who worked in Great Briton  and came home to find all the new things that didn't exist before he left. Funny too.

  6. The Book on Bush; Political and very flattering.

  7. Lies of George Bush; Political not very flattering, one sided and stretched to the limit.

I read a stack of religious books a friend loaned me.

In 2008: I haven't been reading much and I think it is just old age and it is hard to set aside the time. I don't seem to concentrate like I used to.

  1. Throes of Democracy by W. A. McDougal; The cause of the civil war. What they don't tell you...  A must to read

  2. A short history of the united states 890-1971 by Allan Nevins. What they don't tell you...

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